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Not a blockbuster, but a movie that might not have gotten the recognition it deserves.

Sometimes I see a movie so spectacular I want to shout it out to the world. But I don’t have my own talk show, nor can I afford a billboard. So how do I get people to see these important films? And how do I find out about movies I NEED to see? I could scour the internet for reviews, but those often seem to be negative, mainly because the reviewers like to give the impression that they are clever and cerebral. And how do you know what reviews to look for, if you don’t know what movies you should be seeing??

The goal of SLEEPERFLICKS is twofold: to allow its readers to share their favorite sleeper movies, and to make sure these inspired, lesser-known films receive the credit they ought to have.

So if you know of a movie that deserves to be seen, email it to me at sleeperflicks@yahoo.com, and I will post it. But keep in mind: I will post your faves, but I cannot vouch for them all. This is a public forum and not a debate. You can comment on other's choices, if you wish. Just don't hold it against ME.

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